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photo: Sanne Peper
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Choreographer: Alma Soderberg

Invitations like this tickle the heart of lighting designers!

Dear Katinka,
I'm very happy that you are joining us. It has been a while that I've been interested in your work and working with you. I always like the lights that you make, lights that are seen and noticed and thoughtful. I chose to work with Rodrigo Sobarzo on the set because I thought he can slightly disturb and thereby enhance my solo-work. My work is very sound-based and I would like to let the visual aspects have a life slightly of their own, so that it can be more in dialogue with what I'm doing rather than blending or becoming one with it. Because the truth with my work is always that it could be done without almost any theatrical or visual elements, in an empty room with a more or less good acoustics.

For Travail Alma was interested to add a visual and 3d aspect to her work. Rodrigo and I collaborated closely in creating a world around Alma’s performance that orbited around different horizons and perspectives. The set consisted of a roll of pure copper and smoke. Since all the elements in the performance were used in a very matter of fact way, I used light in a similar concrete way. We created a sensorial light and smoke score, representing different stages of light during a 24 hours cycle. Fluid environments in continuous movement with a slightly autonomous life through its timing.