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Choreographer: Roser López Espinosa

Millions of birds migrate every year, accomplishing enduring, dangerous journeys that take them to beautiful places. Lowland revolves around the theme of flying and the longing to break free. The performance is set up as a deconstructed narration. Movement materials and design elements are dealt with in a transparent, concrete, abstracted way while leaving space for the poetic and imaginary.

Lowlands starts in the concrete theatre space. The performers move through environments, in which gravity gets more and more defeated, until they finally set free and embark on a journey through a seemingly infinite night. The lighting design supports the theme of flying by creating different sensations of weight and perspective. All spotlights are colored in different shades of daylight and in the course of the performance spotlights in the grid are replaced by spotlights on the floor, to enhance the sensation of lightness, upward movement and to create a bird view perspective.

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