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Intergalactic (An attempt to overcome the binary)

Directors: Andrea Bozic, Julia Wilms, Robert Pravda

Intergalactic  (An attempt to overcome the binary) is a philosophical but playful performance, in which we attempt to investigate interspaces that occur when we break through the mindset based on a binary system of two choices, like black or white and left or right. 

‘We have had enough of living in square boxes. It's time to start from scratch: we take a black box theatre space and re-organize it into a space with holes in the walls. We animate it into a living organism that constantly transforms. When it speaks, its language is part movement, part sound, part light, part darkness and part image’.

Intergalactic is a multidisciplinary performance in which the movements of the performers, light, sound and video co-exist and work together in a system of response. During the performance the theatre space gets connected with a miniature model of the stage and a projected live video of the performers. Throughout the performance light and sound move through the theatre space; in front and behind the audience, along the top of the space and underneath the tribune.

Light, sound and video are used in order to re-construct spaces and to move the audience from one space to the other. I used light in a sensory way which creates spatial experiences for the audience that are rather ‘felt’ then ‘seen’ and subtle changes their perception of space.

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